Ever wonder what happens to school buses after they are no longer in service? Most go to junkyards, or their parts get sold, but some get turned into art pieces when they are no longer able to run. 

The School Bus Graveyard in Alto, Georgia is insane. That is the easiest way to put it. Hundreds of old school buses are lined up and cover this part of the land in this small southern town. 

What's so special about a graveyard full of no longer working buses?

The artwork on these buses is some of the best you will ever see. It is not graffiti like you might be thinking, it is real murals on these things. 

Every year, different artists come in to paint these huge yellow buses and to transform them into something beautiful. Even the interior is fully decorated.

The artists that have been coming in since 2012 are called the Crispy Printz. If you look up the hashtag, #crispyprintz, on Instagram, you can see some of their work.

Some designs you might see include Where's Waldo, Pacman, and...well, we won't give it all away, you will just have to go see for yourself!

While it is free to go see these buses, the owner does ask for a small donation for the artists, and trust me, after seeing these things, you will want to. 

Alonzo Wade is the owner of this outdoor bus yard and takes pride in what he has built. You can check out their Facebook page, here, to see how friendly his family is and how invested in this graveyard they are. 

To gain access to the buses, make sure you read his rules and regulations, here. This link will provide you with the number to call to get permission to access the buses. 

Make sure to visit this place this summer and snap some awesome pictures for your Instagram feed. Everyone will be wanting to visit this magical place after seeing your pictures. 

The graveyard is located at Alonzo Wade Rd, Alto, GA 30510 and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Do not forget to read the rules and regulations before you arrive!


Visiting School Bus Graveyard

Price: It's free, but donations are encouraged!

Address: Alonzo Wade Rd, Alto, GA 30510.

Why you need to go: The different art pieces on the busses are unique and one of a kind. 


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