Being able to live in a state where the mountains are literally in your backyard is a big blessing. It might be cold, but there is never a bad time to go exploring in your own backyard. A few things to do in North Carolina in January is to explore this trail with many sights to see. 

Schoolhouse Falls, Little Green Mountain, Greenland Creek Falls Trails Loop is a 5.6-mile hike but is rated as moderate because it really isn't a hard hike, despite the length of it. It's a pretty popular area, and once you start on your adventure, you'll know why.

People call this the "Yosemite of the East" because of all the exposed granite, the plethora of waterfalls and the rocky cliffs that occupy Panthertown Valley. 

There are many places and trails to explore at Panthertown Valley, but the best trail is the 5.6-mile one. It'll take you to the best spots and you'll be able to see everything this place has to offer in just one trip. 

As you start at the Little Green Mountain trailhead, you'll slowly hike up to the top of it, which is a steady incline so your thighs won't be hating you. Once you make it to the top, you'll be at Tranquility Point, and it will give you incredible views of grassy mountain tops in the distance. 

Coming down from the flat rocky mountain top, you'll be on your way to Schoolhouse Falls. While this isn't a tall waterfall (only 20 feet) there is a trail that will lead you behind the waterfall where you can sit and relax for a while. 

If this hike is your jam and you're looking for more around the state, you're in luck because NC is full of great outdoor spots. This short hike will take you to the bottom of a 50-foot waterfall and this 3-mile hike will make you feel like you're traveling through a tropical rainforest


Schoolhouse Falls, Little Green Mountain, Greenland Creek Falls Trails Loop

Price: Free

Address: Directions

Why You Need To Go: You'll be able to see so many incredible things on this trail, as well as explore behind a waterfall. 


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