If you're like us, after a few drinks you're ready to belt your heart out to some karaoke. If you're going to hit a karaoke bar, you have to pick the most adorable and lowkey karaoke bar near Atlanta that has all you need for the perfect night out. It's the perfect thing to do in Georgia if you're looking to get out of the city and be a big kid for a night. 

MICS Karaoke Bar in Doraville, Georgia is right outside of the perimeter but has all the glitz and glam of a karaoke bar you'd find in Midtown. The best part of their location is the massive parking lot so you can avoid the Atlanta parking struggle. 

Even if your vocals aren't touching Beyoncรฉ's, an overwhelming confidence runs through you when the mic touches your hand and the beat to your favorite song drops. To make your DC dreams come true, MICS needs to be on your radar. It's housing several themed rooms that turn any karaoke night into a photoshoot. Whether it's The Ferrari Room or our fave, The Hello Kitty Room, the chic decor automatically elevates the vibe. 

The high-tech features will especially leave you amazed. There's a call button in each room for service, a touch screen songbook and a panel for controlling the room functions. What's next, robot servers

You're required to book the room for a two-hour minimum, and it'll fly by. Rates run $35/hour for a small room for up to eight people and $45/hour for up to 12. In those two hours, you can experience champagne bottle popping, throwback dance parties, and plenty of laughs in between both.

MICS Karaoke told Narcity that their menu is expanding as well. Currently, you can order beer, wine, champagne bottles, non-alcoholic beverages and fruit trays for your room. In the upcoming weeks, you'll be able to order endless liquor, ramen, and several fried foods. 

If you want to secure the Hello Kitty dream room or any specific room, call a couple weeks in advance. These rooms too amazing so there's no time to wait. 

You can bring the party to Doraville while you're celebrating Pride this weekend because it's open until 2 a.m. every day.


MICS Karaoke

Price: $70+ for a room (2 hours)

Address: 6035 Peachtree Rd A208, Doraville, GA 30360

Why You Need To Go: This high-tech karaoke room is the ultimate singing hotspot with plenty of booze. 


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