There are tons of unique crystals out there with different healing and enhancing properties. Whether they actually realign our chakras or not, it's still nice to at least convince ourselves that they make our space super zen and bring peace into our soul. It's hard to trust the quality of store-bought crystals, plus they are super pricy. When it comes to things to do in Georgia, this spot guarantees you'll go home with several real gems and it's super affordable.  

Lilly Pad Village lies in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the heart of beautiful and serene Aska. They claim to provide the best gem mining experience you'll ever have and guarantee that every miner goes home with a bunch of natural gemstones and crystals. 

The village provides you with a gallon bucket (12 pounds) full of North Georgia dirt for only $15. That's half the price of just one crystal in some retail shops! The exciting scavenger hunt for these rarities definitely takes time and effort, making it more exciting when you come across a gem.

You can also get a two-gallon bucket for $30 or the "big blue bucket" (50 pounds of dirt for $80) to share with up to eight friends. 

According to the Lilly Pad Village website, "No one leaves the Lilly Pad Village without a huge stash" so you'll go in knowing you'll get your money's worth. 

There are over 23 gems, stones and crystals found in the Blue Ridge dirt so the surprises are endless. During your interactive and memorable mining frenzy, you may discover rose quartz (brings peace and calm to relationships plus restores harmony), citrine (promotes optimism and attracts positive wealth), moonstone (helps clear thinking and inspiration plus aids in wish fulfillment) and so many more.

The website has pictures and descriptions of properties for all the gems you will potentially take home with you. They even offer gem polishing so you can immediately come home and decorate your space with balance, peace and positivity.

Come back for more because Lilly Pad Village (open daily) gives repeat miners a discount. A girl can never have too many gems (queue meditation music).

This isn't the only place you can collect your own gems in Georgia; this one lets you dig on your own for amazing crystal gemstones. You can also dig for gold during a 200-foot underground adventure in North Georgia.


Gem Mining At Lilly Pad Village

Price: $15+

Address: 24 Adelaide Dr. Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Why You Need To Go: Go on an exciting scavenger hunt to discover and take home over 20 types of crystals for a super affordable price.

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