There are so many places to explore in Tennessee, and pretty beautiful ones at that. You'll probably get overwhelmed trying to pick the best trails and best spots to visit, especially if you're just visiting for a short trip. This one unique spot in the Smokies is the only one of its kind in the entire State Park, so it should be on your list of things to do in Tennessee when you visit. 

Grotto Falls is located just outside of Gatlinburg and the entire trip will only be a 2.6-mile hike. Once you make it to the waterfall, you'll never want to leave. It's a free-falling waterfall that comes in at 25 feet. It's also the only waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains that you can walk behind. 

If you're new to the hiking world, this spot would be the perfect place to start because it is a fairly easy trek. Even the most experienced hikers can enjoy this trail because it'll give your legs a little bit of a break from strenuous adventures. 

To even get to this one-of-a-kind attraction in the Smokies, you'll need to take the Trillium Gap Trailhead. You'll mainly be walking through a wooded forest for the majority of your hike, which will keep you cool the entire time. 

Since this is an older hardwood forest, there are large roots and rocks throughout the trail, so be aware of where you are stepping.

Around 1.2 miles into your hike, you'll reach the area of the falls. Grotto Falls is approximately 25-feet-tall and is completely free falling, which makes for great photos.

There are plenty of rocks and boulders to chill out on while you're working up the courage to get in the cold water.

The sound of the water tumbling is so relaxing you might never want to leave this spot. To really get the full experience, you need to walk behind the falls and explore the back of the waterfall. 

The park is open year round, but if you go anytime in the spring and summer, make sure to get there early because this place is a hot spot to go.


Grotto Falls 

Price: Free

Address: Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN

Why You Need To Go: This waterfall is the only one in the entire Smoky Mountain Park that you can walk behind and explore. 


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