Looking back at your history class, the days of World War II seemed so far away. The vivid photos and recollections were both fascinating and heartwrenching, but there's nothing like the classroom coming to life before your eyes. That's exactly what'll happen next month when you can take an airplane ride in Georgia in an actual World War II aircraft. 

A trip to Gwinnett is worth it this March when you’ll have the chance to fly in an airplane straight out of your high school textbooks. Gwinnett County Airport Rides Day is a once-in-a-lifetime event that’s happening for a single day on March 14.

History buffs and the ever-so-curious alike will all get the chance to soar the skies in a PT-19 Cornell for 20 minutes like you're in the midst of WWII action. This is the lowest end of packages and tickets are $150. 

This will likely be the most popular ride, as it was the most widely-produced aircraft way back in the day. 

Naturally, the more in-depth of an experience you want, the more money it'll cost. The most expensive plane ride caps out at $1,695 in the P-51 Mustang. 

Even if you're unfamiliar with airplane lingo, you'd totally recognize the iconic plane. It's a single-seat fighter craft that had the ability to drop bombs. 


If you're not down with those two options, you can pick from the T-34 and the LT-6 Mosquito

Guests can ride a maximum of an hour for an added cost. Gwinnett County is full of landmarks like Stone Mountain and several lakes, so you'll witness a lot in addition to the greenery

After you secure your flight, you have to call Rodney Higginbotham at 1-833-FLYWARBIRD or rides@dixiewing.org to solidify a time. 

This event is known to be high-demand, so reserving now is the only way to guarantee your ride. 

We highly encourage rocking some aviators with a jumpsuit for added effect. 

Airport Ride Day

When: March 14

Price: $150+

Address: 850 Airport Rd., Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Why You Need To Go: History will come to life as you soar through the skies in an actual WWII aircraft. 


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