Georgia has a little something for everyone who lives here and those who are just passing through. Whether that be exploring one of the many beautiful waterfalls or trails throughout the state or trying the great food we have. This Georgia cafe that has 14 goats on the roof is for everyone and must be on your summer bucket list. 

Goats on the Roof Cafe located in Tiger, Georgia, is more than just a place to stop and eat. The goats are the real stars here, as they live on the roof and spend their day chilling around the establishment.

As you drive up, you will notice that the top of this building looks like a goat's paradise. It is like a huge playground that they can explore around on. 

It looks like an amusement park above you, but for these crazy creatures. 

You do not just have the chance to look at them, but you can feed them as well. 

Goats on the Roof told Narcity that the goats go wherever they please on the property, whether that be on the rooftops, or on the ground. 

You are more than welcome to go up to the goats and feed them and interact with them, they are just like pets!

There are 14 total goats and they are cared for by vets, as well as the owners of the property. They say they are their babies and they are taken care of very well!

After you are done taking in this unique attraction, head inside to the cafe to get some great, fresh, food. 

The best selling item on their unique menu is their cheeseburgers, which are made fresh to order!

You can also expect to see items like Porky Butt Nachos, Road Kill Chicken Sandwich, chocolate covered bacon, and Nitro ice cream, and nothing is over $10.

Enjoy your food while rocking in the rocking chairs out front, while watching the goats play. 

It is completely free to visit and is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. all week long.

Find this attraction at 3026 US-441, Tiger, GA 3057. 


Goats on the Roof Cafe 

Price: Free! Food is available for purchase.

Address: 3026 US-441, Tiger, GA 3057

Why you need to go: Go eat some great food while you watch goats play on their custom made playground on the roof.


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