This haunted Victorian castle in Michigan is the spot to get a dose of spooky luxury. There's tons of stuff to do here including a haunted-history tour that will let you in on all of the ghastly things that have happened here. 

For those that like their vacations with a dose of spook, this haunted castle is the perfect setting. It feels so old and creepy that it's actually been featured in three horror movies as well as featured on The Discovery Channel and House Hunters. 

This has been ranked as one of the ten most haunted places in the state and the reports of spirits there have been seriously creepy.

There's a history of hauntings at the castle with reported sightings of at least five different ghosts, including the original owners, a dog, and a Spanish-American war veteran

Some say that they've seen Mary Henderson standing at the top of the staircase looking down at the guests of her former home.

A guest who was staying in the Dutch Room said she woke up one night because she felt a tap on the arm and then a voice told her to "go away." Spooky, right?

If you think you can make it through the night in one of the ten haunted bedrooms, you can do so for as low as $129/night.

There's also a restaurant in the castle that's open for breakfast, high tea, and dinner if you're looking for a romantic night out at a unique location.

The hotel even offers a gorgeous organic garden and vineyard. You can sample all five of the wines made from the grapes grown on the property for $15.

There's a day spa as well which would be perfect for a chill treat yo' self kind of day. What could make you feel more like a queen than getting a massage in a castle?

This castle was built in 1895 but has been recently renovated so the overnight stay is modern and luxurious. 

If you just want to go for a day and take a couple of pics while learning about this awesome piece of Michigan history, you can take a tour for only $12.95

They'll take you around the castle and show you all of the best views along with the vineyard and the gazebo that's decked out in ivy and flowers during the summer.

Whether or you're looking to be visited by a ghost in the night or you want to feel like royalty, this is definitely a great place to spend a weekend away.

If this dreamy castle inspired you to visit other magical spots in Michigan, you should check out the fairy tale Curwood Castle in Owosso or this island that banned cars, suspending the place in the past

Henderson Castle

Price: A guest room is as low as $129/night; tours go for $12.95.

Address: 100 Monroe Street, Kalamazoo, MI, 49006

Why You Need To Go: This is the ideal spot for someone seeking a little paranormal adventure while living like royalty. 

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