You might think you have seen every waterfall and been on every trail the state has to offer, but we promise that you have not. The best trails in Georgia will take you to the tops of mountains and to massive waterfalls. We have found the one hike that has all the best components that you will want to adventure over and over again throughout the next cool season. 

The Warwoman Dell Trail is located near Clayton. The trail is only a 1.4-mile round trip hike, so it is one that is great for beginners, or if you just want to get some fresh air for a while. You will not have to leave your four-legged friend at home because this trail is great for them as well. 

The forest floor is covered in moss and vegetation that makes it feel like you are going through some tropical rainforest instead of a city in Georgia. 

You will hike both Warwoman Dell Trail and Bartram trail at this location. You might hear the sound of waterfalls once you start walking, and that will motivate you to keep going once the elevation starts to heighten. 

During the spring and summer months, there are many wildflowers and flora that grow along the trail which makes for great photographs. 

Starting to catch views of the falls, you will reach them at approximately 0.4 miles. This is the first waterfall you will see on your walk. Becky Branch Falls has stone stairs that make for a great spot to view the attraction. You will get misted, which will feel nice after an uphill hike. 

Departing from Beck Branch, you will keep treking north to your next waterfall, Martin Creek Falls. These falls are about 30 feet and they cascade down a series of boulders. 

If you think you were done with the breathtaking attractions on this trail, think again. 

The last waterfall that you will come upon is one with no name, but it sure is beautiful and a great end to the hike. Old tree roots and branches cover the top of this waterfall that makes it look like something out of a fantasy. 

There is another short hike in North Georgia that will lead you to two cascading waterfalls that is perfect for beginners as well. 


Warwoman Dell Trail 

Price: Free 

Address: Clayton, GA

Why you should go: This easy hike will take you through a mossy trail floor and up to three different waterfalls. It is a great trail to take pictures at and to get some fresh air. 


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