It's a brand new year, meaning, we're sure you're already planning your next dream vacay. But what if we were to tell you that you needn't save up or wait long to feel like you're sitting in an ocean view jacuzzi, sipping bubbly like you're in Crete? You can do all that and more at this romantic getaway in Washington.

Located in Union, Washington the luxury lookout on Hood Canal is built directly on the beach and offers endless vistas of Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains. 

This envious glasshouse is a short 40-minute drive away from Seattle and will take an hour if you decide to take a ferry there. 

You and your boo can have the place all to yourselves for just $143 a night.

Since this spot has two beds, two baths, and allows up to four guests, you can even opt for a double date and split the cost — that's only $35.75 per person. 

And here's another interesting fact: The property sits on the Gold Coast. That means you might catch a glimpse of your billionaire neighbors, Bill Gates and Nordstrom's family. The Alderbrook Resort and Spa is also just a stone's throw away.

The 1,300 square-foot home has one bedroom with a king-sized bed.

There's also a spacious living room area, a walk-in shower with a soaking tub, a BBQ grill, and a fully-stocked kitchen to whip up meals during your stay.

The massive windows will give you panoramic views even if you don't want to leave the coziness of your cabin.

The couch and ottoman also double as more nap areas where you can lounge and binge on TV — it comes with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ & HBO subscriptions. 

Here's the best part: A luxe hot tub sits out on the deck overlooking some of the best views in the Evergreen State.

There's also a firepit nearby if you want to warm up after and boardgames like Monopoly, Risk, and Connect4 to keep you occupied. 

Whether you want to catch some spectacular sunsets, borrow paddleboards or kayaks from here for free to launch into the water, a secluded beach is only 200 feet away from the house — that's literally outside the door. 

Either way, spring/summer, here we come!

Luxury Lookout On Hood Canal

Price Per Night: $143 for four people

Neighborhood: Union, WA

Why You Need To Go: This secluded house with glass walls comes with epic sea views and a hot tub on the beach, perfect for a romantic getaway. 

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