If crowded pools and tourist destinations aren't your idea of a dream getaway, then this could be your perfect escape. Head a little further south where the waters are warmer, the sun is shining down, and you can have a private oasis that's completely your own. You can rent out this beautiful seashell house that's just a short trip from California. 

From the moment you walk inside, you'll want to sing "Under the Sea" at the top of your lungs, wear a bathing suit top made from seashells, and brush your hair with a fork. Okay, maybe that last one was too far.

As the name suggests, this home looks exactly like a giant shell and the interior is fit for a mermaid.

This dream destination is located near Cancun in Isla Mujeres, Mexico (aka an island in the Caribbean Sea) and it's just a couple hour nonstop flight away from Los Angeles. 

The island is known for its gorgeous sandy shores and world-famous snorkel park, El Garrafon. So when you're not lounging poolside, there's so much to do right outside your door.

According to the listing, you can rent the entire house for $299 per night with up to four guests. That's only $74.75 per person if you split the cost.

You and your BFFs will love sleeping in beds that look like giant clam shells and bathing in a shower covered in tiny ocean designs.

You'll experience breathtaking views, have a private pool to swim in, and be located just minutes from luxurious white sand beaches. 

In addition to these local attractions, you can also settle into a super comfy home that has remote-controlled AC and WiFi (ooh, fancy), a sprawling pool, and beautiful decorations throughout. 

The home accommodates four people and divides into two sections. There are 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Each room has a king-sized bed where you can lounge like undersea royalty. 

Throughout your stay, you can also whip up delicious meals in the kitchenette and take a break from the real world on a balcony for the most stunning sunset views. 

Once you book your reservation, it's time to start planning out what bathing suits and outfits to bring. Maybe you can watch The Little Mermaid with your BFFs or at least memorize the soundtrack while you're packing. Happy travels!

Seashell House

Price: $299 per night for up to 4 guests - That's only $74.75 per person

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico (exact location revealed after booking)

Why You Should Go: You and your friends can live like mermaids for a weekend in a gorgeous seashell house.

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