Georgia has so many parks and mountain areas that it's hard to keep track of which ones you should visit to have the most fun. There is one state park in Georgia that will make you feel like a kid again by climbing trees and hiking around the miles of trails it has to offer. 

Panola Mountain State Park is located 15 minutes from Atlanta. Not only is it a place that you can go to get some outdoor time, but it'll feel like you're not in this big city. 

It's a great spot for a shaded trail hike or even bike route. You can even take your dog for an outdoors adventure. The coolest part is that they offer guided tree-climbing so you're not completely alone up there. There's even an outdoor fitness area where you can work out (if you're still working on that summer body). 

With the number of recreational activites to do in this park, you will have a packed day with your besties. This area is similar to Stone Mountain, just smaller and just as beautiful for all the cute pics. 

There are 25 miles of trails that surround this area so you can even go on a guided hike up the mountain to learn all about the area. 

There are two options to choose from when it comes to walking your dog or going on a hike/run that your friends dragged you to do. You can go on the paved trail, or you can go on the forest trail that will be a whole different, more tranquil experience. 

One activity that is non-traditional is tree-climbing. It's $15 per person and you will get harnessed up and become an expert. You can choose to do this during the day or at night (which we highly suggest). You can go up to 100 feet in the air, so we hope you are not afraid of heights!

Panola Mountain State Park is a different park than you might be used to. There are many outdoor recreational activites and you can even climb trees with your besties and feel like a kid again. 

If you are up for more adrenaline-pumping activites, you must plan a trip to this massive axe throwing theme park right in Atlanta or this $10 tubing excursion in North Georgia.  


Panola Mountain State Park 

Price: $5 

Address: 2620 Hwy. 155 SW., Stockbridge, GA 30281

Why You Need To Go: This State Park sits on 1,635 acres of land that has so many forest trails you can explore. You can even choose to go on a tree climbing excursion that will take you 100 feet in the air. 

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