Ever miss being a kid? Getting to run free through a jungle gym or going up a tree for a backyard treehouse? Well, now you have the chance to stay at a super unique Airbnb in New Braunfels that will make all your childhood dreams come true.

This Airbnb is unlike your typical house. The Airbnb treehouse is completely decked out with two floors and even fits an entire table. At $140 a night, the house sleeps five guests with plenty of space for everyone to snooze. You'll be able to sip on coffee with a great view from its terrace. The entire house is made to feel like a treehouse wonderland (without actually being at the top of a tree), with most of the furniture made of wood. 

If you get tired of lounging out in the tree-style abode, check out the community pool that'll really get you away from it all. The outside space not only has plenty of seating, but also a bbq grill so you can grill out your fave burgers and hot dogs.

At this moment, there are plenty of nights open for the upcoming months, but planning and booking ahead is always advised. You are welcome to bring your dog as long as they are 25 pounds or smaller but you'll have to pay a $30 fee. 

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Treehouse Stay

Price per night: $140

Address or Neighborhood: New Braunfels

Why You Need To Go: This one-of-a-kind treehouse-style Airbnb will let you relive your childhood dreams of owning a treehouse.

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