Hiking to see one waterfall is fun, but hiking to see three waterfalls all on one trail is an adventure. It's no secret that North Carolina has many hidden waterfalls, and some great ones at that. This short trail in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina will take you to three water works you just have to see in person.

Deep Creek in the Bryson City area of Great Smoky Mountains, the North Carolina side, is known for its many streams and multiple waterfalls. What some might not know is that the waterfalls in this area are super easy to get to. 

You can take one of their many trails to see something different each time you visit. The Three Waterfalls Loop is only about 2.4 miles round trip and this is the one you need to take it you want to see three waterfalls during your visit. 

There are trails at this destination as short as 0.6 miles round trip, and as long as 14 miles round trip. This specific trail is not too strenuous, but will probably make you hit your walking goal for the day.

You might not put "pleasant" and "hike" in the same sentence, but that is one way to describe this trail. There's no crazy elevation change and no climbing over huge boulders, so it is definitely more pleasant than most trails. 

The first waterfall you'll run into is Juney Whank Falls which is an 80 feet in height. You'll cross over a footbridge to see it, which makes for a nice spot to watch and admire. Tom Branch Falls, the second waterfall you'll come across, is only 60-feet tall but it's very steep. 

Right before you make it to your loop to head back to the trailhead, you'll hit Indian Creek Falls. This waterfall looks similar to a rockslide, but with more water gushing down, which makes for a beautiful sight to see.

If you enjoyed this hike or are interested in similar ones, you need to head to this trail that has a 120-foot waterfall that you can stand underneath.

It's good to use these as an alternative to the beach because there are nine massive sharks close to North Carolina's coast right now. 


Deep Creek

Price: Free

Address: To get to Deep Creek, head to Bryson City, NC and follow the signs three miles to Deep Creek, according to website

Why You Need To Go: This short trail at Deep Creek will take you to three waterfalls and it won't tire you out. 

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