As kids, if we were good during the week, our parents would take us to a candy shop to let us get a few treats. Now, it is rare to see these types of shops around and they are practically extinct (R.I.P. to the mall candy shops). Surprisingly, there's still one vintage candy shop in Georgia still standing strong. 

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop has many locations throughout Georgia and you will turn into a kid again when you step into the store. The sugary smell and the candy in the barrels will take you back to a time where all you had to worry about is how many pounds your candy bag was about to be. 

The stores have almost 400 flavors of soda and 500 types of candy. They do not have just your normal candy; you can find the "hard-to-find" candy here. There are many candies from different countries too, that you can try and hopefully love. 

There are locations all over the country, but in Georgia, you can find them in Columbus, Marietta, Newnan and Savannah. Do not be surprised if you go into a sugar coma before even leaving the store. You will barely be able to contain yourself. 

The actual look of the store will make you feel even more nostalgic. The retro, vintage vibe will make you feel like you are literally in the 90's. The store is very colorful and vibrant, which will make your eyes bigger than your stomach.

The most popular item here is the Rocket Fizz soda. Amongst all the flavors they have in stock, you will find some that are amazing, and some that are uncommon. Some crazy flavors include Black Licorice, S'mores, Bacon, Buffalo Wing and Pickle. Where else could you get flavored soda like this?

They have "normal" flavors as well including Cherry Cola, Grape, Orange Cream and more along the shelves. 

As for candy, you will be too overwhelmed when you first look at it all. If you cannot find that certain candy from your childhood from your regularly shopped stores, like the strawberry hard candy from your grandma's house, you will be able to find it in this store. International candy can be found at this spot as wellso you do not even have to go far to get your favorite overseas treats! 

After you indulge in enough sweets for your lifetime, you need to head over to this coffee bar that has a Cap'n Crunch infused expresso. You can relive your 90s childhood all over again at both of these locations. 


Rocket Fizz

Price: 💸

Address: Columbus, Marietta, Newnan and Savannah, GA 

Why You Need To Go: You will be transported back to your childhood at this candy shop with over 400 flavors of soda and 500 types of candy. 


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