If it's on your bucket list to experience Tuscany but you're on a budget this summer, road trip to Dahlonega, GA. It may seem far off from the experience you're looking for, but this winery gives major Italian vibes. 

Montaluce Winery allows you a chance to reconnect with nature, your significant other, or best friends. The winery draws inspiration from Tuscan-styled architecture, so if you leave out your geotag on IG, your followers may think you caught a flight to Europe.

You can travel to the winery for one of the wine hikes, the restaurant on site, or one of the private tastings.

For starters, the wine hike takes place every Saturday and Sunday and allows visitors the opportunity to tour the entire vineyard and winery on a nearly 2-mile hike. A 5-pour wine tasting is even included in the hike, bringing the total to $45 per person. 

The restaurant offers an eclectic selection of snacks, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert. The menu even caters to vegetarians and those who are gluten-free. Items on the menu range from $11-99, so take a look here to get a better idea of your options. 

If you're in a "treat yourself" mood, there is a 4-course meal that's prepared right in front of you by the executive chef for $125. 

The wine tasting offers a selection of fix or six wines for $20 or $30. For $20, you can taste fives wines off a selected menu. For $30, you can taste six wines from the entire tasting menu. 

The winery also doubles as a spot for engagement photos or ceremonies, so you know you're in for some amazing views. 

If you fall in love with the location, there are four villas available to rent. These villas overlook the vineyard, for $350-$575 a night. Depending on the villa you choose, it can house between 5 and 10 people.

Book your reservation for any of the activities, restaurant, or villas, here

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