Traveling is always tons of fun. Getting out there and exploring is something all of us dream about, but our bank accounts might tell us we need to stay home. Thankfully, the affordable bus service Flixbus is giving people the chance to travel out of state for cheap this Septemeber. 

Flixbus has rides starting at $10 from Houston, Austin, and San Antonio on select days. The rides are roughly around six to 12 hours in length. Houston is the city with the most $10 rides to New Orleans, having at least one per week. Other Texas cities have similar select dates during the week which means you can travel and enjoy a nice weekend out. The $10 rate starts the week of Septemeber 9, so you can start planning accordingly.

The bus fares may be cheap but you won't be sacrificing good accommodations. All of their buses come with wifi and laptop tables on the chance you have to work while you're on your way to NOLA. They also have power outlets and their own entertainment portal if you're looking for something to do on the ride there.

The earliest bus departure is at around 8 a.m. and the latest is around noon. They do offer overnight buses for the same $10 rate on select days. Flexibus does have a $2 booking fee but even then, the deal traveling to another state seems much cheaper this way.

Flixbus has several stations throughout Texas and they even have 99 cent trips from one Texas city to another. 

For more information on the Flexibus and to book your trip, you can visit their website here. 



Original Price: $40

Sale Price: $10

Why You Need It: You can travel to another state for an awesome adventure starting at just $10.

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