Are you craving a space tucked away in nature? Well, this treehouse rental in Colorado is snuggled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains for a day outdoors. You can sleep in the trees and under the stars for a truly unforgettable experience.

Ideal for a romantic getaway or an alpine retreat, this remote yet modern abode in the sky can sleep up to four people. It costs $105 per night with a two-night minimum stay. 

Are you splitting it with friends? That's only $26.25 per person. Yes, please!

It's no secret that hidden gems are worth a visit, and this one surely won't disappoint. Nestled 10,000-feet above sea level, this house boasts epic views of the mountains and forest below.

If you thought Neverland didn't exist, think again. You can sip on a mug of hot chocolate and take in your surroundings from the deck. It's the best way to sip and relax.

You'll feel relaxed as you whip up meals in the outdoor kitchen area. The views are truly breathtaking. 

Although you're getting a slice of paradise in the wilderness, parts of your stay will feel like a real outdoor adventure.

With a compost toilet and no shower, you might have to rough it out for a bit. Just think of it as a one-of-a-kind glamping experience. 

A list of items you'll need to bring include linens, bedding, and food for some good ol' homecooked meals. 

With a cup of joe in hand surrounded by your favorite people, it's one of the best ways to take in the beauty of Colorado. 

If you're craving blankets of lush trees and stunning views of alpine peaks, this modern and remote rental will cure your desire. 

Modern Tree House

Price per night: $105/2-night minimum stay 

Location: Fort Garland, CO

Why you need to go: You can stay in an adult version of your favorite treehouse and get epic mountain views. 

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These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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