The south is full of historic locations that have amazing tales. For many, discovering abandoned tunnels excites their inner adventurer. There's actually one tunnel in South Carolina that currently houses blue cheese and, yes, the cheese is edible. 

The Stumphouse Tunnel, under Stumphouse Mountain in Walhalla, South Carolina, was planned to be one of the most used tunnels in the state.

It was originally created in the 1800s as a railroad tunnel to get around the Blue Ridge Mountains, making a more direct path to the Ohio River Valley. 

However, due to the financial strain of the project, the state cut the funding and ended construction completely. 

This left the tunnel abandoned for years, until Clemson University bought the tunnel in 1941 to make their blue cheese. To this day, this is still how the university cures their Clemson Blue Cheese

The tunnel is 25 feet high, 17 feet wide, and stretches back 1,600 feet. The tunnel remains at a cool 50 degrees at all times and has a consistent "wetness" in the air, making it perfect to cure the famed tunnel blue cheese. 

It's free to visit the tunnel; however, visitors must be careful in the darkness. Bats have made this tunnel their home and can be dangerous if frightened. So while this is a unique spot to visit, caution is highly advised. 

The tunnel is also extremely dark all the way through, as lights were not installed during its original usage and haven't been added since. 

With the bats most likely covering the ceiling of the tunnel, it may be best to not shine a flashlight directly above you. This way, you can avoid startling the bats.

There are also smaller tunnels a few miles away that will add a bit more nature views to your journey.

You will need to hike along the Blue Ridge Railroad Historical Trail for about 2.5 miles to find Middle Tunnel and Saddle Tunnel.

The Stumphouse Tunnel

Price: Free ($2 per vehicle) 

Address: Stumphouse Tunnel Rd., Walhalla, SC 

Why You Need To Go: This 1,600-foot-long tunnel is where Clemson University cures their famous blue cheese. 

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