The Airbnb craze has made hotel businesses more challenging and many hosts are taken the Airbnb game very seriously. There is an old fire station in Central Florida that was turned into a unique Airbnb and is the perfect place to stay with your family this summer.

The historic site was built in 1887 and it has been transformed into the most eclectic Airbnb stay with retro furniture and four beds. Not only this is the perfect getaway for the vintage lover but also a great staycation to discover old Florida and the surroundings of Sanford.

This 2,000 square feet building maintains the indoor brick walls, original wooden floors and unique fire station memorabilia. The old fire station is walking distance from the historic district which has the marina, restaurants, gastropubs, craft breweries, events and more. 

Also, the Airbnb makes the perfect holiday staycation for your family. The venue can host 6 guests for $135 a night. The SoHo-like loft place features four beds, two bedrooms, two baths, open floor with a custom kitchen, original fireplace in the main suite, and a rooftop deck. 

The seven-foot windows offer the perfect lighting and exceptional view from the town. The firehouse has been featured on HGTV and in different architectural and design magazines. So, if you are looking for a stay worthy of Instagram, this is the place.

There is vibrant art, dining, and cultural all around Sanford and the Airbnb is close to Lake Monroe, where you can enjoy riverboat tours and relaxing strolls. It will be one of the best summer experiences in your life. For more information about this Airbnb click here. 

Historic Sanford Fire Station

Why you need to go: The place feels historic and is the best way to explore Sanford, Florida. 

Price: $135 a night

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