Most of us will never have the chance to interact with a wolf in our lifetime, especially while living in places with warm climates. Although the protective species may pose a threat when they encounter humans in the wild, they can actually be super sweet and friendly creatures (afterall, they are the dog's ancestor). Lucky for us, we now have the chance to get up close and personal with the magnificent species at these wolf encounters in Georgia.

The North Georgia Zoo in Cleveland has tons of amazing animals, many of which you can actually interact with through their encounter program. From kangaroos to sloths, you can actually play with and snuggle these adorable creatures. And now (if you're feeling brave) you can literally hang out with wolves. Sounds insanely wild, right?

These adorable arctic animals are willing to play with humans and they get excited for your company, just like a dog would. The wolves here are completely safe to pet and play with and you're guaranteed to have a memorable experience with these gorgeous creatures. From the looks of it, they love tug of war and belly rubs - especially the pups.

Yes, we said pups. You can play with these too-cute-for-words wolf pups for even cheaper ($35) than the regular winter wolves encounter ($94). Keep in mind that you must also purchase zoo admission ($23) in addition to the experiences.

With the baby wolves, you'll get the chance to play with and help train the pups for 15 to 20 minutes. With the winter wolves encounter, you'll truly get to experience what it's like to get up close and personal with full-sized wolves with a 45-minute interaction where you can pet, play, train and capture photos.

Don't forget to check out the wide variety of encounters including special creatures like sloths, cougars, kangaroos and so much more. 

In other cute animal news, check out Nutella the two-toed sloth at Zoo Atlanta or visit Zoo Atlanta's recent addition of a wild African Savanna habitat with all-new animals.


Wolf Encounters At North Georgia Zoo

Price: $35-$94

Address: 2912 Paradise Valley Road, Cleveland, GA 30528

Why You Need To Go: Experience the chance of the lifetime by petting and playing with baby and full-grown wolves.

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