Being able to hike the entire Appalachian Trail is probably one of the highest accomplishments not many can do. It is 2,190-miles of pure hiking and being one with Nature. Lucky for us, who do not want to hike that many miles, there are different trails on the Appalachian that we can hike without having to spend the night in the wilderness. 

This specific trail on the Appalachian leads you to Blood Mountain's summit. This is the Appalachian Trail 's highest summit in all of the state of Georgia. You have to follow the Byron Reece Trail at Neels Gap to get to this summit. The trail is 4.3-miles. 

This is a longer hike and might take up your entire day so this a perfect day trip. It is a more difficult hike with changes in elevations and a rocky trail. The view when you get to the top of the mountain is worth all the work. Turn those Apple watches and Fitbits on and get to walking.

Beginning on your journey, you will cross a flowing creek and climb some stone stairs. You will feel the sweat from the beginning and all the way to the end. 

Your trail will meet up with the AT around 0.7-miles into your hike. This is when the trail gets real (you might start questioning what you got yourself into). The trees of the forest will open up and you will start getting views of the mountain tops surrounding you. 

You will meet the summit a little over 2 miles. This will make your hike up totally worth it. By this point, you would have climbed 1400 feet in elevation, according to Atlanta Trails. 

Up here, you will be able to sit and enjoy the view. This is a great point in the hike to break out a few snacks and just relax. Your view will include tons of grassy mountain tops and the skyline. 

If you are working your way up to a longer hike like this one, here is a list of a few beginner hikes in Georgia. Starting with these will help you train for a 4-mile hike. 

Your way down from the summit will be much easier than the hike up. You will complete your journey and feel very accomplished once you get to the bottom. This is a great trail if you are looking for an all day adventure and some great views. 


Blood Mountain Wilderness

Price: Free!

Address: Blood Mountain Wilderness, Cleveland, GA 30528

Why you should go: The summit of Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail is the highest in Georgia. The views are worth the long hike. 



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