Calling all magic fans! If you're looking to disappear for a while, why not try out the luxurious estate of one of the world's best escape artists? You can rent the actual Houdini Estate in Los Angeles and it's a total dream. 

This crazy mansion looks like something out of a movie and still has the original caves, secret tunnels, and massive deep water tank where Houdini reportedly practiced his underwater escapes.

Renting the star's home will cost $1,500 a night. If you decide to split the cost with 12 friends, that's only $125 per person. 

However, if you don't have that many people to invite, no worries. Bringing along only five other people will cost you $250 a night. 

Oftentimes, the house is booked in advance, so we recommend snagging your spot ASAP if you can. This month is pretty booked up, but February and March are wide open. 

Since there are four bedrooms and bathrooms, there will be plenty of space for you and your friends to lounge in ultimate comfort. 

There's also high-speed WiFi and a satellite TV for fun movie nights. Since you're spending the night in a mysterious mansion, why not opt for a good thriller?

When you're not cozying up with your friends watching your flick, you can enjoy the heated jacuzzi outdoors or the outdoor spa, VIP style. It's all part of the amenities. 

On the property, you'll find a beautiful rock waterfall, hours of hiking trails with scenic ocean views, and gazebos where you can spot the deep canyons below.

Did we mention there's also a lovely swimming pool?

Houdini used the estate's pool to practice his amazing feats of escape and illusions until he passed away in 1926.

The magic and mystery of the "Handcuff King" lives on with the property. You and your friends can come and enjoy all the modern amenities while enjoying the mystique and marvel of the man and legend, Houdini. 

Since it's only seven minutes from Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip, there is plenty to explore nearby too. 

Houdini Estate

Price: $1,500 per night for up to 12 guests - That's only $125 per person

Location: Los Angeles, California (exact location revealed after booking)

Why You Should Go: You can explore Houdini's actual California mansion.

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