It is always a win when you find hidden places in your state that you could have lived down the road from all your life. Right in the heart of South Georgia, you will find a hidden rock preserve that is a geological wonder in the Peachy state you have to visit. 

Broxton Rocks Preserve is located in Douglas, Georgia in Coffee County. The preserve is 1,650 acres, and some of it is sectioned off since it is a preservation area, meaning vistors cannot venture into some parts. 

Over hundreds of years, erosion has exposed the rock on Georgia's Coastal Plain, creating Broxton Rocks Preserve to the beautiful form it's in today. It is the largest exposed sandstone in the Altamaha Grit area. 

The preserve is open to the public from June to August, but after that, you can make an appointment to get a tour of the area because of the endangered plants and animals that call this place their home.

If you see any animals, be sure to remember that this is their home, so you do not want to disturb them. Please let them go on their way. This is why the area is only open to the public a few months out of the year. 

According to the website, the preserve conducts controlled burns throughout the year, which is crucial for the plant and animal life there.

There are 530 different plant species here and some endangered ones include Yellow Flytrap, Hooded Pitcherplant, and Wire-leaf Dropseed. 

A few animals that are at risk here are the Eastern Indigo snake, the Gopher tortoise, and the Eastern Diamondback. 

Throughout your hike, you might just see some of these rare creatures and plants. There is always a possibility of seeing things, but never for certain since they are wild. 

The trail is only a mile long, so you can take your time taking in all of the different rock formations and cliffs you will encounter along the way. 

Since the sandstone was exposed naturally, there are areas of the preserve where the rocks formed over 30-foot-high cliffs that are even higher than the waterfall that is at this location. 

You can also climb into the crevices of the rocks that make it feel like you are deep inside an underground cave.

As you get more into your hike, you will start to hear rushing waters; that is when you are close to the natural waterfall at the end of your journey.  

The waterfall cascades over the sandstone rock ledges to make it even more magical than it already is. It is the largest waterfall south of Macon, coming in at 10-feet high. The fall drops down into the creek below, properly named, "Rocky Creek." 

Did we mention it is completely free to see this South Georgia natural wonder? You get to see a waterfall, multiple rock formations, climb inside the cave-like structures, go on a short hike, and get an educational lesson out of it. You really could not ask for more. 

Broxton Rocks 

Price: Free! 

Address: Rock Rd. Broxton, Georgia 31519

Why you should go: Broxton Rocks is a unique area with miles of exposed sandstone that have eroded into cool structures. There is also a waterfall at the end of your hike. 



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