As you drive up and down the peach state, aka Georgia, you will find yourself looking at fields of cotton, wheat, maize, and sunflowers. As you drive into North Georgia, the scenery changes a little and you will start seeing fields of lavender. The city of Dahlonega, Georgia is the home of the state’s largest lavender field that is worth the drive to see. Red Oak Lavender Farm is a beautiful site to see, and one like no other.

As one might know, or find out with some help from some research, the state of Georgia is humid. When we say humid, we mean sweating as soon as you walk outside from the months of March-October.

Lavender and humidity do not mix, but the owner of the farm worked diligently to create this lavender miracle.

According to the website, the owner thought lavender was beautiful and was going to find a way to create a lavender field herself, even if it would be a challenge in Georgia.

Red Oak now grows over 2,000 lavender plants, and yes you read that right, 2,000. Lavender is not the only thing Red Oak has to offer either.

Another hot commodity here is the honey, homegrown honey. They raise their own bees so they can produce fresh, delicious honey.

They also make shampoo, conditioner, oils, and many other lavender products that customers can buy online here, or in the store at Red Oak.


Red Oak is free to visit, except in June. It is a $5 fee, but most people would pay that just to smell the fields for a few minutes.

You can smell the lavender from a few miles away, and the aroma is one you have to experience in person this season.


You can find Red Oak at 2882 Red Oak Flats Rd, Dahlonega, GA 30533. 


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