The city of Bellingham can often be overlooked for Everett or Seattle but if I were you I wouldn't discredit the little northern city of Washington. I get it, Bellingham, you think you need booze to have fun and I won’t argue with you but that’s only because momma likes a nice tall glass of pinot. 

Listen, I get that it's hard not to drink when the summer is approaching and all your friends are cracking beers in the park and drinking sangria by the pitcher like it’s the jobs but I'm noticing that more and more people aren't guzzling down brews and are instead looking to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle both physically and mentally. Who says you can’t do that with your partner? Everything is more fun in pairs and having a sober buddy to go on dates with is way more enjoyable than dragging around a booze hound whale watching. 

With this trend on the rise, we are looking for more and more activities to do sober. Fear not! I've got your back. You don't need alcohol to plan the perfect date with your guy or gal all you need is a bit of inspiration and you’ve come to the right place! Plus, you can use all the money you saved by not drinking to attend any of these cool (and way cheaper) places below! Any of these 9 unique spots below will provide the setting for the best date with your favourite person. All you need to do now is flip a coin and go!

So ditch the wine for a coffee and thank yourself the next morning when you don’t have a brain splitting hangover and you can actually be productive for a change! Your body will be happy, your wallet won’t suffer, and bae will be begging you to keep this sober streak going! 

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9. SPARK Museum // 1312 Bay St

Let things get electric between you and bae at SPARK Museum of Electric Invention. With interactive exhibits depicting four centuries of scientific discovery that you can explore, learn, and play with your s/o! 

Best part? The giant "Mega Zapper" Tesla Coil that makes 9 foot lightning bolts! 

Cost: $8

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8. Whatcom Falls // 1401 Electric Ave

241-acres of wandering through Pacific Northwest gorgeousness to absorb with your date. Within the park is also Whirpool Falls, a popular swimming spot to cool off on those hot summer days. 

The entire park is an outdoor playground to explore moss-covered bridges, plant life, and to just take the scenic route. 

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7. Sehome Hill Arboretum // 600 25th St

One the coolest places to explore in Bellingham. Come explore the arboretum where it is home to 5 tree species and 10 types of shrubs! The nature walk is perfect to stop and snap photos and you can even pitch up a hammock and cuddle up for awhile! 

Cost: Free! 

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6. San Juan Cruises // 355 Harris Ave

There is no better way to watch whales than in the wild! NO BETTER WAY! Hop on the San Juan Cruise and seek out some whales in the wild. 

Try the sunset cruise for an extra romantic evening. 

Cost: Deluxe tours $109

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5. Bellingham Farmer's Market // 1100 Railroad Ave

The Bellingham Farmer's Market is the cutest thing you can do with your date this summer. Not only do they support local and sustainable agriculture to make you feel good about doing good but it's also a great place to find fresh cut flowers and picture frames for the mantle! 

Cost: Free!

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4. Park Bowl // 4175 Meridian

Before you discount bowling as dorky you should know that... yeah okay, it's dorky. But dorky doesn't mean boring and bowling at Park Bowl is a great way to spend time with a date! 

Get your strike on, come up with funny nicknames for the scoreboard, and don't be surprised if you're sore in the morning! 

Cost: $6 2/hrs and $3.50 for shoe rentals 

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3. Village Books // 1200 Eleventh St 

Head over to Village Books with your partner in crime and walk up and down the aisles (pausing for kisses of course). You can pick out books for each other or even stack the spines and make "book poetry" but shhh you don't want to piss off the librarian. 

Cost: Free! 

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2. Mindport Exhibits // 210 West Holly

Mindport understands our need to touch and disturb things in a museum. Come challenge your mind with interactive exhibits that are meant to be touched and moved. 

Mindport blends their exhibits with fine art to stimulate and spark your sense of wonder and thinking. You and bae will be learning new things and fooling around on a budget! 

Cost: $3!!!!

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1. Triad River Tours // 336 36th St

Brave the great outdoors with whitewater rafting and scenic floats down beginner and advanced river rafters. 

Faster rapids get waterfall views while easy floaters get to indulge in eagle watching. Grab your partner and either take a risk or take the scenic route. Either way you'll be making a big splash! 

Cost: Varies upon style 

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