Fall is the perfect time of the year to explore. B.C. is one of the best places to do it as the entire province has tons of little hidden gems. One of the most magical spots in B.C. is the Enchanted Forest. This off the grid location looks like something out of a fairy tale and going to see it in the fall makes it even more surreal. 

This is the best season ever! Bring on the PSL’s, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and colourful leaves. 

Fall time in B.C. is literally perfection. All across the province, you can see a blanket of orange, brown, and yellow hues that are so Insta-worthy. 

Earlier this month, we made a list of some of the best places in B.C. to drive through to see the beautiful changing leaves. But did you know you can walk through a magical fall land as well? 

The Enchanted Forest in Revelstoke is possibly the cutest tourist attraction ever. And now that tourism season is over, you can wander around the forest uninterrupted. 

Open until mid-October, you can romp around the paved path looking at some of the most magical sculptures and treehouses. It will honestly feel like you fell straight into a fairy tale. 

The Enchanted Forest really lives up to its name. Right when you walk in, you are greeted with fairytale-like houses and tree forts that you can explore. 

Tons of friendly creatures are placed throughout the paved path that perfectly emulates the magic of the place. 

Make sure you take your time walking through the trail. There are tons of little nooks and crannies to explore. And be sure to look up! You never know what might be around you. 

Altogether, there are 350 folk art figurines around the forest. See if you can spot them all!

If you check out anything on the grounds, it needs to be B.C.’s tallest treehouse that rises 50 feet into the forest canopy. 

If the sculptures and architecture weren’t enough, the trees that surround the forest are pure magic. These skyscraper-like trees create a large canopy of green over your head as you walk. 

You may even find yourself looking up quite a bit marveling at the sheer height of them. 

During the fall time at the Enchanted Forest, you can see literally thousands of salmon swimming their way up the river and into the Pacific Ocean. 

The salmon run at the Enchanted Forest is one of the longest in the world and it really is a sight. The creek that runs alongside the boardwalk provides you an uninterrupted view of the salmon and it's truly a once in a lifetime experience. 

From now until Oct. 14, 2019, the Enchanted Forest will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Now all you need to do is grab a friend, and maybe your fur baby as the grounds are pet-friendly, and hit the road. Fall is the perfect time to explore this magical land. 

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