I don't know about you, but ever since reading Eragon as a kid, I've always dreamed of visiting enchanted forests and meeting elves. This little-known park in the province comes pretty dang close. Check out this enchanted forest in B.C. and find out for yourself if pixies are real or not.

Located in Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, this trail is hitting all the fantasy adventure tropes in all the best ways: boardwalk trail through overgrown leaves? Check. Secret swimming holes probably inhabited by nymphs? Check. Towering trees over thousands of years old? Extra checked.

Like Jurassic Park, this forest is just booming with life and diversity. BC Parks says all the incredible wildlife is only possible in an ecosystem that's been undisturbed for hundreds of years.

They continue that, with enormous spruce stretching over 30 metres tall apiece, the forest has almost double the biomass — meaning weight of plants per hectare — than a tropical forest.

There's a ton to do in the woods, from hiking and camping to walking your pets (on-leash only) and watching the wildlife. You'll find plenty of viewing platforms to fully take in the gorgeous nature surrounding you.

BC Parks says to be careful before setting out on your expedition though since the area is super rugged and sometimes difficult to navigate.

It's a good idea to bring rain gear, a first aid kit, and some sturdy hiking boots.

But if you adventure on, you'll be treated with gorgeous views unlike most anywhere else on Earth. It's like you walked right into Middle Earth.

The province already has a ton of gorgeous trails, but this place takes it to a whole new level.

The forest is home to old cedars that BC Parks says are estimated to be over 1000 years old. If pixies are real, this is where they'd live. Walking below those towering trees, anyone would feel tiny.

Wait. Maybe... we were the pixies all along.

Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park

Price: Free

Address: Cowichan Valley, BC

Why You Need To Go: The towering trees, boardwalk trail, and magical swimming hole will make you feel like you've stepped into Tolkien's world.

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