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Engagement Piercings Are The Newest Trend And We Hate It

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Engagement Piercings Are The Newest Trend And We Hate It

Every so often, you hear of a new "trend" that people are obsessed with. You may remember the "Tide Pod Challenge" or the engagement tattoo trend. Beyonce and Jay Z made the tattoo trend pretty popular, but there's something new that's taking over. Well, right now there's a huge "engagement piercing" trend and it's sweeping the nation.

Not everyone can afford their dream wedding ring, so millennials have come up with a new affordable way to tell everyone at the bar that they're taken. The answer to their expensive problems: Microdermal piercings. Microdermal piercings were huge in the late 2000s. Do you remember them?

If you're unsure of exactly what it is, it's a piercing that lays flat on a surface of your body. The piercing is anchored under your skin. If you went through a punk phase, you probably had collarbone, cheek or back microdermal piercings. 

The new trend is to get a microdermal piercing on your ring finger, instead of wearing an engagement ring. It's definitely a frugal option if you don't want to dish out thousands on a ring. But if you're anything like me, then you're probably squirming at the thought of it. Here are some photos of people that have already committed to this trend.

Well, what do you think? Are you tough enough to try out this trend? It's definitely a more subtle way to tell your friends and family that you're off the market. Would you get an "engagement piercing"?

Source: Refinery 29

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