We're getting our first real taste of fall weather this weekend, meaning it's the perfect time to curl up in a blanket and catch up on all the hot new shows on Netflix Canada. 

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Whether it's more seasons of your favourite Shonda Rhimes show or the hottest Marvel movie, Netflix Canada has added a whole new lineup of must-see shows for you to binge.

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1. The Sinner

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This brand new series finally hit Netflix Canada and we are stoked. The crime drama follows Jessica Biel's character as she descends into a fit of rage and murders someone without remembering anything, and the ensuing drama that follows. 

2. How To Get Away With Murder

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Shonda Rhimes is at it again. The fourth season of "How To Get Away With Murder" is now on Netflix. The court-room drama is back with almost 15 hours worth of new episodes for you to binge this weekend. 

3. Ozark

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Netflix loves a good drama, and "Ozark" delivers just that. The shows just dropped its second season, with 10 new episodes picking up the wild story of money laundering and organized crime in the middle of no-where Missouri. 

4. The Blacklist

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The number of hot crime dramas on Netflix seems endless right now, meaning you're in luck if you love all those creepy, scary shows. "The Blacklist," about a top fugitive helping the FBI, is just another option. The fifth season of the popular James Spader show recently hit the small screen. 

5. Outlander

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Time travel, romance, drama - "Outlander" has it all and the third season is now available for you to binge to your heart's content. This epic show will take you to Scotland, Boston and all the way through time. 

6. Marlon

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If you need a break from all the drama, this light-hearted Netflix original comedy just added its second season, following Marlon Wayans' character through his post-divorce life and new adventures raising two kids. 

7. Nashville

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This show is an absolute must-see for country music and drama lovers alike. The show's six season is now available on Netflix and even stars two Canadians, Lennon and Maisy Stella, from Oshawa, Ontario. 

8. The Innocents

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It's another Netflix original, but this one definitely isn't as funny as Marlon. The dramatic series follows two run-away kids and their newly discovered supernatural abilities. The brand new series just dropped its first season on Netflix. 

9. Ultimate Beastmaster

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A big genre Netflix has been getting into lately is reality tv and competition shows. Like "American Ninja Warrior," this show has people going through insane obstacle courses to try to win money. The third season "No Mercy" is now ready to be binged. 

10. I Am A Killer

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If you loved "Making A Murderer" you will love this brand new documentary series. The show gives a first-hand account of the lives of death row inmates as they explain their side of the horrendous crimes they committed and the punishment they now face. 

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11. Homeland

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Sometimes we use Netflix as a break from reality, so if you're looking to get away from the current political scene, you should watch this popular political thriller as it follows CIA agents fighting terrorism and their own personal struggles. The sixth season is now on Netflix, starring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin. 

On top of all the amazing new shows that were recently added, Netflix Canada has released a number of must-watch movies like Marvel's Black Panther, Matt Damon's Downsizing, and SPF-18 which stars everyone's Netflix boyfriend Noah Centineo, from To All The Boys I Loved Before


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