We've all been patiently waiting for season two of 13 Reasons Why to finally drop. Well, it's almost that time of year and we literally can't wait. Fans have been grasping for any information that we can get our hands on to prepare for the new season.

The official 13 Reasons Why Twitter account started dropping hints about the new season a few weeks ago and some of their latest tweets reveal what the next season will entail. If you're not into minor spoilers, don't read on.

Here's what we know for sure. The cassette tapes are over and they have been replaced by the "polaroids". In the teaser, we've seen various polaroid pictures of the main characters. We know that this will take the place of the cassette tapes in season one. 

Season two will go on with the trial. After taking a closer look at the trailer, we've speculated a few theories of what the next season will entail. We know that Hannah and Jessica were both assaulted by Bryce in season one. It looks like that storyline will go on.

Via Twitter/@KateWalsh

In the trailer, you can see Bryce pouring a drink for a girl and then a photo of her unconscious. We are speculating that season two will look at Bryce, a powerful athlete at the center of multiple sexual assault cases. This story would fit the political climate in the US right now, making it extremely relevant. 

Via Twitter/@KateWalsh

In another shot from the trailer, we see that Bryce and Tyler are both being investigated in the season. When the camera pans to Mr. Porter's desk, we can see Bryce's file but there's also a photo of Tyler in the shot. This may show that the school knew about the assaults but ignored it for the athlete's benefit. 

We can assume that Tyler's story may come forward during this season as well. Fans speculated at the end of last season that Tyler may be planning a school shooting. 

In the latest round of tweets, it is said that the trial will go forward and that it affects the whole town. The creator of the show has previously said that the first season focused on Hannah's story and now we will see the stories of the rest of the cast. 

We know that season two will definitely focus on athletes and sexual assault, victim-blaming and it will take a deeper look at the individual stories of the other characters.

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