I honestly don't feel bad admitting that I've probably watching all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls at least 6 times plus the revival series twice. That's a whole lot of TV but I don't regret a minute of it because this show is so entertaining! 

Not only is it super entertaining to binge watch but it Rory, Lorelai and all their friends and adventures have taught us tons of important life lessons over the years. 

They've each struggled with their fair share of relationship problems, their family life isn't always perfect, their careers always come first and they know how to be great friends to those closest to them.  Oh, and eating an exorbitant amount of food on the regular is totally normal and encouraged.

Dating Life Lessons 

Family Life Lessons 

Food Life Lessons 

Friendship Life Lessons

Career Life Lessons

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Dating Life Lessons

1. New romances can be scary and a little awkward at times. 

We all know the struggle of first dates and Rory had it no different on her very first date with Dean. It can be scary starting a new romance with someone but Gilmore Girls taught us it can be worth it if you just jump in.

2. Don't be afraid of commitment if you know that it's right. 

Lorelai had so many issues with commitment throughout this show it was pretty hard to keep track. Her engagement and almost marriage to Max, her actual marriage and divorce to Christopher and her engagement to Luke. But she knew it was right with Luke all along and she was eventually able to admit that by the end. 

3. Putting your career first is not something to feel guilty about. 

When Rory turned down Logan's proposal/ultimatum to marry him and move to San Francisco I think we were all a little bit heart broken. But Rory's dream was to pursue a career in journalism and she knew she couldn't do that if she was just following Logan to the other side of the country. This decision ended up giving Rory the chance to accept her dream job.

4. The only way to deal with a breakup is to eat your feelings.

There were a lot of breakups throughout the seasons of this show and the only  way to deal with these was to eat tremendous amounts of Chinese food, ice cream, pop tarts, tacos, burgers and well, the list just doesn't end. 

5. Sometimes the bad boys can surprise you.

Jess started out as a horrible influence on Rory, even stealing her away from her faithful boyfriend Dean. But he actually ended up to be really good for her even though he broke her heart more than a few times. The most important thing was how good she was for him. 

6. Happily ever after's are pretty simple when you think about it. 

Lorelai speaks the truth! Happily ever after's are pretty simple but it's us that makes them all complicated and tricky. 

7. Once you fall in love you probably won't make all the right choices.

Being in love is an amazing feeling that everyone should experience but it does make you do things that you wouldn't do otherwise like cheating with your married ex, getting married spontaneously in Paris, and stealing a yacht.

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Family Life Lessons

1. Sometimes parents can come off as judgemental but they always mean well.

We all watched Lorelai and Emily struggle with their mother-daughter relationship while Lorelai and Rory sailed through life together. Emily always came off as cold and judgemental but it was always clear that she wanted the best for her, even if though it was her idea of the best and not Lorelai's. 

2. Marriage isn't always easy, even if you've been married for decades.

Emily and Richard liked to keep their relationship problems hidden from the public so they could keep up the image of a 'perfect married couple'. But they obviously had their problems and showed us that even after being married for a few decades they still didn't know everything about each other. 

3. You should never give up on your family. 

When Jess came to stay with Luke, Luke had no idea what he was in for. Jess had a lot of problems and he liked to take them out on Luke and the entire town but even though Jess was such a disturbance in Luke's life he never gave up on him. It taught us all that if a family member needs us we should never turn our backs on them, no matter what.

4. A mother-daughter relationship is something special and unique.

This is probably the most important lesson of the entire show, is Lorelai and Rory's incredible mother-daughter relationship. Somehow Lorelai raised Rory as a single mom and raised her not just to be her daughter but to be her best friend too. It really shows how unique and special mother-daughter relationships can be. 

5. There's going to be a lot of generational differences between you and your grandparents.

While Emily and Richard Gilmore were amazing to Rory throughout the show, they still couldn't full comprehend how her and Lorelai lived their lives. A big part of this was generational differences. No matter how much you love your grandparents you might not see eye to eye on everything. 

6. Even though you're an adult you can still need your mom once in a while. 

When Rory went off to Yale she obviously felt a scared and nervous to be away from home, but she always had her mom to call when she needed her. Even though you're an adult now, you can still call your mom to talk you through all your problems.

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Food Life Lessons

1. Food can be a metaphor for freedom, obviously. 

This gif comes from the scene where Lorelai is explaining to Rory that she began eating pop tarts because she knew her mother would hate it and now she's not sure what she really likes in life. Sometimes you just need to indulge in that extra pop tart for breakfast because it'll set you free, right?

2. All breakups can be fixed with an all-night Chinese food feast.

Who needs men when you can spend the night eating your body weight in Chinese food? Nothing, that's right. Paris and Rory know the key to getting through breakups and they taught us well. 

3. The gym isn't for everyone, enjoying life is important and eating what you want is always a good option.

This show is filled with Lorelai and Rory eating tons of fattening foods every single day without gaining a pound. It's a little unrealistic but they certainly make us feel better about our own eating habits. If you don't want to go to the gym and instead want to eat some junk food every once in a while, that's 100% okay!

4. Coffee is the most important meal of the day.

The only thing Lorelai loves more than junk food is vats full of coffee. She can't handle her day without drinking loads of coffee which is pretty relatable to most of us, am I right? Her addiction is a little out of control but we can all agree that coffee is definitely the most important meal of the day.

5. Sometimes we all wish we could replace men with food. 

If only life were simple and we could be satisfied with eating pie for every meal of the day instead of having to find a man to spend our lives with. Food will never leave us or break our hearts or disappoint us!

6. Alcohol can fix any problem.

Lorelai definitely uses alcohol to get through her Friday night dinners because sometimes you just need a little bit of liquid courage. There's nothing wrong with relying on alcohol to get you through a difficult situation once in a while.

7. You don't need a special occasion to treat yourself. 

Who says you can only eat cake when it's someone's birthday, wedding or a holiday? Everyday is the perfect day for eating cake and you don't need some kind of 'special occasion' as an excuse. Treat yourself!

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Friendship Life Lessons

1. You have to love your friends for who they are. 

Whether your friends are having a rough day, week or month it's your job as a best friend to stick by them and help get them through it. The Gilmore Girls taught us how to fiercely support our friends, without asking why.

2. Everything is on the table when it comes to girl talk. 

Rory and Lane were so close that they were always comfortable talking to each other about everything and anything, no matter where they were. This kind of friendship is rare but it's super important to strive for. 

3. Sometimes you need a day without having to deal with people. 

We all have those days where we can't stand to deal with anyone or anything and we just feel like locking ourselves in a room far away. Gilmore Girls taught us that that's completely okay once in a while!

4. Your friends need to hear the hard truth once in a while. 

It was great to see what an amazing friend Lane was to Rory throughout the seasons and sometimes that included giving her a little bit of tough love. Whenever Rory needed someone to pull her out of a funk, Lane was there to do it.

5. Being a thoughtful friend is important. 

When Lane moved into Yale with Rory she was nothing but a thoughtful house guest. Having friends that bring you coffee in the morning is the dream and something we should all be doing for our friends.

6. Moral support is always appreciated. 

Sometimes your friends just need you to tell them that everything's going to be just fine. When Sookie was freaking out the night before her wedding all Lorelai had to do was tell her everything was going to be alright and distract her with a story about Christopher and she was all better! 

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Career Life Lessons

1. Grades are more important than looks.

Rory always had a good head on her shoulders. She was smart, had big ambitions and never let herself get distracted from them. Grades are way more important than just being pretty, no matter what young girls are taught. 

2. You can't always have a plan in life. 

We all have to accept that life doesn't always go as planned, so sometimes there's no point in making long term plans. It's okay to feel a little lost from time to time, as long as you have people to remind you of who you and what your goals are.

3. Live life to the fullest, plain and simple.

Paris said it best, obviously, but what she's trying to say is just to live you life to the fullest so that when you're much older you can look back and actually be proud of the life you lived. Also, not puking is a bonus.

4. Being a strong independent woman is more important than being with any guy.

Although Rory did have a few different boyfriends throughout the show, she always puts her career and ambitions first. This made her a character to look up to for young girls watching this show.

5. Not everyone finds their dream job on the first try.

The first job Rory got was an internship with her boyfriend, Logan's cold-hearted father that ended up crushing all her ambitions and basically told her she wouldn't amount to anything. After that she ended up dropping out of Yale and doing a lot of other terrible things. It goes to show that even if you put in the work, things might not turn out exactly how you want them to at first, and that's okay. 

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