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36 Horror Movies On Netflix Canada

Get ready to scream!

Well it's finally October and Halloween is creeping closer and closer. This means people will be wandering the streets in zombie costumes, darkness envelopes us earlier and earlier, and all the murderers and monsters will soon be out to play. 

I have to admit upfront that I barely watch horror movies because they terrify me to my very core. You definitely don't want to watch a horror movie with me because I'll be jumping out of my seat and screaming at the top of my lungs every 5 minutes. 

But I can see the draw that horror movies have on people. It gives you that rush of adrenaline when something jumps out at you that can honestly become addictive. 

October is the perfect month to grab your movie buddies, significant other or the closest pillow and hunker down for a huge horror movie marathon. Whether you like classic slasher films, thrillers, paranormal movies or comedy-horror flicks this list has got you covered on all the best horror movies on Netflix Canada right now!  

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Comedy Horror Movies 👻

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