Barack Obama and Joe Biden's days in the White House may be over, but their legendary bromance is certainly not.

Conan O’Brien has just signed on to executive produce a new animated TV series about the pair's pure and unadulterated friendship, and it looks absolutely incredible. 

The two formerly presidential buddies will not only pal around, make goofy dad jokes and stare lovingly into each others' eyes, but also travel through time to fight crime. Yeah, we told you it was incredible.

via @barryandjoe

The idea comes from Adam Reid, who campaigned the idea on Kickstarter back in August and received more than $100,000 in pledges. He soon attracted the attention of animation studio Titmouse Inc., and now, O'Brien's production company Conanco has signed onto the production as well.

"These are the adventures of Barack Obama and Joe Biden bromancing the multiverse as they try and save us from ourselves," Reid wrote in the Kickstarter description. "Moments after the inauguration of the forty-fifth president, Barack Obama and his best friend Joe Biden were escorted to a secret lab, run by a team of the world's greatest scientists and occasionally Elon Musk."

The dynamic duo travel back in time "looking for the best in people... striving to right injustice wherever they find it" in the hopes that they can create a better and brighter world. Oh, and their guide through time is no other than world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

via @barryandjoe

In an interview with DCist, Reid said he came up with the idea after Donald Trump won the election last November. "We need a cartoon of a bromance trying to save us from ourselves ... I put it away for six months because it's clearly a stoner idea. I felt like it was an overreaction to the news that Trump had won. But then we hadn't lived through everything we've gone through in the past few months."

Sounds about right.

The Kickstarter page suggests that the first episode will be out around the holiday season, but so far, no further updates have been made about when we can expect a pilot episode.

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