A lot of things got passed around my middle school: notes, mononucleosis, a magical pair of jeans that fit me and all my friends (oh wait, that was a movie). Back in the day, everyone took turns reading the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark books. Seriously, the trilogy was constantly on hold at our school library! I hadn't thought about those books in years until the trailer for the new movie based on them dropped during the Super Bowl. 

When the creepy AF trailer played, I nearly upended the buffalo chicken dip I was shoveling into my mouth. The author of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Alvin Schwartz, based his stories on urban legends and folklore. One such tale, The Red Spot, took center stage in the trailer. Legendary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is leading the project. This dude knows freaky. He's the guy behind Pan's LabyrinthPacific Rim and The Shape of Water.

Of course, the stories themselves were way scary, but what really gave me nightmares were the illustrations. Actually, the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark collection was fairly controversial because some people thought the images were too disturbing for children *eye roll*. My classmates and I had illustrator Stephen Gammell to thank for many a nightmare. 

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One particular story that haunted my dreams was Harold. I saw that scarecrow in my closet, behind my bedroom door and on the stairs leading down to the basement. Now, I'm seeing him again on the movie's first poster. And, as creeped out as I am, I can't wait to see him on the big screen this August. 

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