For so many years, American Horror Story has kept audiences on the edge of their seats. It's one of those shows that you never get tired of watching for so many reasons - you don't have to watch it in order, they always do a phenomenal job with casting, and each season has a storyline that's more twisted and intriguing than the last. If you've been anxiously awaiting news about the upcoming season, we've got it for you! Earlier today, AHS revealed a new slasher theme for season 9 and viewers are already terrified.

On Instagram today, producer Ryan Murphy gave us a sneak peek on what we can expect for this season's theme. The season title? American Horror Story: 1984. The teaser, which is posted below shows a young woman, dressed in classic 80s fashion running for her life from an evil slasher in the woods.

Although we weren't given an exact premiere date, the sneak peek posted by Murphy states that it will premiere during fall in typical American Horror Story fashion.

You may have heard through the grapevine that fan favourite, Evan Peters won't be in this season. A lot of people are super disappointed about the news, but to be fair, his characters the past few seasons have been super emotionally taxing, so he definitely deserves a break.

Both Emma Roberts and Gus Kenworthy have been confirmed to return in the upcoming season. In addition, Sarah Paulson is also expected to be on board as well.

Every season, the theme of the upcoming season is kept quiet until producers leak what the season will be about. Fans have been waiting for months to find out what the next season of the coveted horror show would be about.

Upon hearing the news about American Horror Story: 1984, fans have been freaking out with excitement over the new season.

The last season of AHS was a crossover between previous seasons Apocalypse and Coven, and brought back talented cast members such as Jessica Lange, Connie Britton, Angela Bassett, and Dylan McDermott. 

Due to its crossover though, the series will now have to compete in the main drama category at the Emmys, and no longer in the limited series category, along with shows like The Sinner

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