If you just watched To All The Boys I've Loved Before then that means you've discovered Noah Centineo and all of his handsomeness. The movie was released a few weeks ago and it's been getting amazing reviews. You probably binged the movie with your BFFs and now you're probably wondering what else you can watch that stars the adorable jockey brunette.

Well, look no further. He's actually featured as another romantic lead alongside Shannon Purser (AKA Barb from Stranger Things) in the quirky coming of age film, "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser". The movie premieres on Netflix Canada on September 7th, 2018.


Via Sierra Burgess Is A Loser | Netflix

Via Sierra Burgess Is A Loser | Netflix

In the new coming-of-age love story, 'Sierra Burgess Is A Loser', Sierra (Purser), an unpopular and unglamorous high schooler falls in love with the school's handsome jock, after a case of mistaken identity causes him to text her phone number by accident.

Through phone calls and text messages, the two build a relationship without ever really seeing each other. The only problem is that he thinks he's talking to the most beautiful and popular girl in the school, Véronica - and Sierra hasn't corrected him.

Think Hilary Duff's "A Cinderella Story" but in 2018 and without all the masks.

Via Youtube

Instead of coming clean and owning up to who she is, Sierra talks Veronica into helping her continue the lie even though the two are pretty much enemies.

Via Sierra Burgess Is A Loser | Netflix

While it's not the most original plot line, this teen movie seems to focus on themes of self-love, the importance of accepting who you are and staying true to yourself.

Just from the trailer alone - you can tell that this one will have you sobbing.

Via Sierra Burgess Is A Loser | Netflix

Via Sierra Burgess Is A Loser | Netflix

While we do have to wait to get our hands on this new movie - it does give us time to stock up on Kleenex, text our BFFs to clear their schedules and to prepare mentally for this tearjerker!

Check out the trailer down below to see what we're talking about.

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