Holy cr*p. In case you missed the memo, Jay-Z and Beyonce secretly dropped their first joint album this weekend. The Carters are not only on tour together, which is already amazing, they actually wrote and released an entire album together as well! 

The album is only available on Jay-Z's streaming platform Tidal, so if you're one of the many people that don't have Tidal, let us give you the down low on the new album. Beyonce raps ferociously, she addresses the cheating scandal, Jay-Z tells her to chill and it's just amazing overall. 

Beyonce addresses the cheating scandal on their song "Happy Love", everything seems happy at first. They sing about their children and their love - But then Beyonce jumps in with her own verse, singing, "Yeah, you f*cked up the first stone, we had to get remarried. We keepin' it real with these people, right? Lucky I ain't kill you when I met that b.

Oh, and their new music video "APES**T" is literally a work of art. You can watch the entire video above, but it's musical genius. Beyonce and Jay-Z literally rented out The Louvre for their music video. Words can't describe how incredible this song is. They completely smashed it with this video.

It's safe to say that the Beehive is shook. Here are some of the best responses on Twitter.

Fans rushed to signup for Jay-Z's streaming platform.

And some didn't even bother.

The Illuminati theories are back. 

Oh, and Beyonce just unleashed all of her rap skills. Fans are now dubbing her the new Queen of Rap. Move over Nicki, Iggy and Cardi. 

In case you thought that the venue in her music video looked familiar, it's only the flipping Louvre! Yes, Beyonce and Jay-Z actually managed to SECRETLY rent out the most famous museum in the world for their music video. 

And if you're one of the few that had Tidal from the beginning, then this is probably you right now. 

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