Should they start their own reality series? With the season 4 premiere date just around the corner, fans are preparing to say goodbye to the characters they’ve been following since 2017. Although the show is coming to an end, the 13 Reasons Why cast aren’t leaving the entertainment scene anytime soon.

The release date was recently released in a video that also showed the cast and crews emotional farewell to the show and one another, and now it’s the audience’s turn.

In addition to it being the final season, the actors have teased that the new episodes will feature some of the most shocking storylines yet.

While you’re preparing to find out what the endgame of your favourite characters are, it might be comforting to know you still have plenty of content from the cast being released this year.

From upcoming movies, shows, and even music videos you’ll still be able to watch your faves killing it on screen.

Dylan Minnette

Dylan Minnette, also known as Clay Jensen, has been carrying the series as the main character since season 1. According to his IMDb, he’s been spending a lot of time working on projects with his band Wallows since wrapping the series.

Along with some original music, he’s released 3 music videos in 2020 already.

Alisha Boe

You may know this OG cast member best as Jessica Davis but in her new film, The Naked Man, Alisha Boe will be playing Molly. The movie is currently in post-production with no set release date.

Brandon Flynn

Brandon Flynn also has an upcoming film in the works titled Looks That Kill. He’ll play Max Richards in the comedy set to be released June 19.

Ross Butler

Ross Butler has had quite the run in the past few years. Apart from 13 Reasons Why he’s starred in huge films like Shazam! and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

While there’s been no news on whether he’ll be featured in either of those sequels, his new series Swimming with Sharks is currently in post-production with a release date of sometime in 2020.

Devin Druid

Devin Druid has had a busy 2020. According to IMDb, the actor has four films slated to be released this year, Greyhound, The Pale Door, Jelly, and Close Before Midnight.

Katherine Langford

Although Katherine Langford has been missing from screens since her departure from the show in season 2, she’s making her Netflix comeback!

She’ll be starring in the new series Cursed that will begin streaming on the platform in summer 2020.

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