One of the greatest things about our country is how diverse and picturesque it is from coast to coast, which is exactly why there are so many movies filmed in Canada. Over the years, plenty of celebrities have made their way from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the suburbs of Toronto to shoot their latest projects.

The unique thing about a lot of these films is that even though they're shot in Canada, they're still able to resemble American cities. Take Netflix's newest series Locke & Key for example — it takes place in Massachusetts but was actually filmed in Toronto, with the exterior scenes being shot in Nova Scotia. Had we not told you, you'd probably never know.

The case is the same with a lot of films on this list. They take place in locations far away from where they were actually shot but still allow you to appreciate the beauty that Canada's provinces and territories have to offer.

If you don't believe us, just ask Leonardo DiCaprio. Based on his IMDb filmography, it's clear that he can't stay away from our wonderful country for very long at all before he's back again filming another project.

Hairspray // Toronto

Hairspray may have been set in Baltimore, but the entire movie was filmed in Ontario. According to Movie Locations, some places used around the city include Roncesvalles Avenue, Gale's Snack Bar and Lord Lansdowne Public School.

Juno // Vancouver

Juno stars two Canadians — Ellen Page and Michael Cera, but it was also filmed here. Locations used around the city of Vancouver include Eric Hamber Secondary School and Coquitlam Centre, Global Film Locations reports.

The Revenant // Kananaskis Country

The Revenant made use of some of Canada's most beautiful locations while filming. Far and Wide lists Kananaskis Country, Bow Valley, Castle Rock, Dead Man's Flats and Drumheller as just a few of the iconic landscapes you can see in the film.

Catch Me If You Can // Quebec City

Yet another Leonardo DiCaprio movie filmed in Canada is Catch Me If You Can. According to Far and Wide, the beautiful Place Royale and Notre Dame des Victories in Quebec City were both used as filming locations.

Brokeback Mountain // Calgary

The 2005 cowboy drama Brokeback Mountain takes viewers to Alberta — more specifically Calgary, Cowley, Elbow Falls, and Fort Macleod, Far and Wide reports.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory // Toronto

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory took its cast and crew all over the world, according to its IMDb page. Although a lot of the film was shot in Europe, some scenes were shot in Toronto's own Nestle Chocolate Factory.

Titanic // Halifax

DiCaprio strikes again! Far and Wide reported that James Cameron chose the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia to film Titanic, which would eventually go on to win the 1997 Academy Award for Best Picture.

Good Luck Chuck // Edmonton

According to IMDb, much of Good Luck Chuck was filmed in the city of Vancouver, although the movie did also have some scenes shot in Edmonton at the Film Alberta Studio, to be specific.

Charlie St. Cloud // Vancouver

Charlie St. Cloud was filmed throughout beautiful British Columbia. Locations like Eagle Harbour, Molly's Reach, Grebe Islets, and Minaty Bay were all used in the film.

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