It seems like everyone is obsessed with all things 90’s right now. Scrunchies, denim, and crop tops have all made their way back into our wardrobes and the Spice Girls are on tour again. If you're looking for shows to satisfy your 90’s nostalgia, these classic sitcoms are definitely the way to go. Luckily, Netflix Canada has got you covered. Get out your popcorn bowl, curl up on that old couch in the basement, and pull up these 90’s sitcoms on Netflix Canada you need to watch.

These shows are perfect to watch with friends or younger family members who remember the 90's even less than you do. No matter how much time goes by, these shows will always be loved for their ability to make us laugh. 


Years Aired: 1994-2004 

Friends was probably the most iconic sitcom of the 90's and has remained one the most iconic shows today. If you haven't seen Friends, it's a must watch for viewers of any age. All ten seaons fly by because you're busy falling in love with the humour and all the characters on the show. If you have watched Friends, WATCH IT AGAIN. You never get tired of these five comedians trying to find their lobsters or hearing "Smelly Cat" on repeat. After all, Netflix just paid $100 million to keep the show on the streaming platform. 

Friends follows a group of five people while they attempt to adult in New York City.


That 70's Show 

Years Aired: 1998-2006

A 90's sitcom that doesnt take place in the 90's. Just like we're obsessed with life twenty years ago, people in the 90's were obsessed with life twenty years before that - the 70's. We're not complaining, because it's the reason Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis met. This show didn't have quite as long a run time as Friends did, but it's just as good.

That 70's Show is literally just about life in the 70's with characters played by iconic 90's actors. It focused on six teenagers living life in a small Wisconsin town. It's chill and casual just like the 70's were. Besides how hilarious this show is, it's probably beneficial to also catch up on the 70's since hippie culture is likely on the verge of making a comeback.

Full House

Years Aired:  1987-1995

Full House is the family sitcom to end all family sitcoms. It has something for everyone. It's not just hilarious, but it's also real, emotional and probably the closest representation of life that you can get out of a sitcom. To show you how amazing this show really was, Netflix rebooted it again in 2016 with almost all of the same cast members. The reboot is coming to an end this year after 3 seasons. 

Full House focused on a single dad in San Fransisco, raising three young daughters with the help of his best friend and his late wife's brother. The reboot focuses on the two oldest daughters living in their childhood home as adults. 


Everything Sucks 

Years Aired: 2018-Present 

This being on the list is kind of cheating but honestly, it's the same concept as That 70's Show. As we said, the world is obsessed with the 90's and Netflix is also cruising in that lane. Everything Sucks is a Netflix original sitcom that was recently released. It focuses on a group of high school kids dealing with the societal problems that are brought up from 90's culture. 

If you've already watched all of the above shows, give this one a chance and see if they were on point with the 90's nostalgia vibe. 

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