Weekend plans set! These Amazon Prime Canada movies that got perfect Rotten Tomatoes scores are must-sees. Thrillers, documentaries, comedy, and more awaits. 

If Netflix is more your thing, there are also quite a few flicks on the streaming platform that scored perfect ratings

Feeling in the mood to show some Canadian pride? There are a few Netflix movies added in 2020 that were all filmed around the country. 

We know the late-night struggle of scrolling endlessly through films when you just don't know what to choose. Trust the film critics about these nine movies on Amazon Prime Video.

Odd Brodsky (2016)

Follow Audrey Brodsky, an aspiring actress who puts everything on the line when she quits her office job to move to Hollywood and pursue her life passion in acting.

One October (2017)

At just nearly an hour-long, this documentary follows the inspirational and personal lives of the people of New York City during the 2008 election right before Barack Obama's win.

Teacher of the Year (2015)

Comedian Keegan-Michael Key stars as a high school principal in this comedy. When one of his teachers wins the teacher of the year award, other schools start fighting to steal him from his home school at Truman High.

The Evil Within (2017)

You won't want to watch this one alone. The Evil Within follows a young mentally handicapped boy who gets possessed by a creature that forces him to go on a murder spree.

Haunters: The Art of the Scare (2017)

Are you scared yet? This hour-and-a-half long documentary goes into the scariest but friendliest haunted houses and explores why they're such an adrenaline rush for unsuspecting people.

Cold November (2018)

Follow the story of a 12-year-old girl about to embark on a rite-of-passage in her family that involves deer hunting with all the females. She faces a challenge when she's left alone at night and encounters a deer, forcing herself to use her new skills in life and death.

Imitation Girl (2018)

If super creepy flicks are your thing, then this one's for you. Imitation Girl follows a young woman who mysteriously appears in the middle of a desert where she learns that she has an alien twin who she learns to navigate life with.

Trouble Is My Business (2018)

At nearly two hours long, this mystery thriller is about a detective who falls for two different women in the same family. His dilemma: one of them is dead and the other is out for his blood.

Chicken People (2016)

These chickens aren't for dinner. This documentary follows "Best in Show" chicken breeders in Ohio. It uncovers that there's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to raising an award-winning chicken. 

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