Because Canadian and American entertainment culture is so similar to one another, it's easy to not realize when your favorite actor is from Canada. In fact, there are a lot of Canadians in almost every hit show out there, including popular series on Netflix. There are the obvious ones like Sandra Oh and Finn Wolfhard who pride themselves on being Canadian, but there a few that aren't so obvious. Here are some Canadian Actors on Netflix series that you probably didn't even know about. 

Finn Wolfhard 

Series: Stranger Things 

Finn Wolfhard is actually from Vancouver, British Columbia. The Stranger Things star is basically the Zac Efron of 2019, teens love him. Because his show appeals to an audience of any age he has a pretty big fanbase. Not to mention his role in the IT movies!

Antoni Porowski 

Series: Queer Eye 

Antoni Porowski was born in Montreal, Quebec and is known for his influence on the Netflix series Queer Eye. He works as an expert on all things food and wine on the transformation show. He's also a model and was recently featured in Taylor Swift's video for her hit "ME!"

Annie Murphy 

Series: Schitt's Creek 

Annie Murphy is just one of the actors on the Canadian made show Schitt's Creek. She was born in Ottawa, Ontario and still lives in Canada. Schitt's Creek on Netflix was her biggest break! 

Catherine O'Hara 

Series: Schitt's Creek 

Catherine O'Hara is one of the biggest Canadian actors on this list. She was born in Toronto and is well known for her role as Kevin McCallister's mother in the Home Alone series. You can watch her on Netflix in the Canadian comedy Schitt's Creek

Eugene & Dan Levy 

Series: Schitt's Creek 

This father-son duo produced and star in Schitt's Creek and are honestly slaying the game. Eugene Levy was born in Hamilton and his son, Dan Levy in Toronto. Eugene is also well known for his role in all eight of the American Pie movies!

Ellen Page 

Series: The Umbrella Academy 

Ellen Page is also Canadian! She was born in Halifax and currently stars in Netflix's hit series The Umbrella Academy. The show is also filmed in Toronto, Canada! You can also check out all the blockbuster hits she's been in like Juno and Flatliners

Sandra Oh 

Series: Grey's Anatomy 

Sandra Oh has been gracing our screens for almost two decades now. She's from Ottawa and although she no longer works in Grey's Anatomy, Netflix came in clutch with the entire series being offered to stream. She's currently working on the hit BBC show Killing Eve

Simu Liu 

Series: Kim's Convenience 

Simu Liu is not only Canadian but also works on a Canadian show. He was born in China but raised in Mississauga, Ontario. His show Kim's Convenience is a huge hit. It was also recently announced that he'll be playing the role of Marvel superhero Shang-Chi. 

Manny Jacinto 

Series: The Good Place 

Manny Jacinto is also another comedy actor who was born in the Philipines but moved and was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. His role on The Good Place propelled him to fame alongside Kristen Bell. The show will air its final season next month but all previous seasons are available on Netflix! 

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