Home theatre is getting a whole new definition. They may not be a streaming platform, but Cineplex has been offering customers the ability to rent newly released films from the comfort of their homes. Now, they’ve added even more of a selection to their website at the same affordable price.

As they were obligated to shut their doors indefinitely, movies like Charlie’s Angels, Parasite, Jumanji: The Next Level, and The Invisible Man were made available to rent online for as low as $4.99.

Now, films like Gretel & Hansel, Like A Boss, and The Turning have been added to the long list of movies you can watch. 

Additionally, movies that were exclusively only available to purchase for $26.99 like Little Women, Birds of Prey and Cats, can now be rented as well.

However, Jim Carrey’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Will Smith’s Bad Boys For Life still require permanent ownership to watch. Though altogether, $26.99 can still be considered cheaper than a typical trip to the movie theatre.

Knives Out, Disney’s Onward, A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, and Dolittle can also be added to the list of contenders for your next movie night.

The company is no stranger to older films either. If you’ve been looking for a way to watch classics like Cruel Intentions, Cineplex has also got you covered.

Rented movies remain available to customers unwatched for thirty days or for 48 hours after you first press play.

For a full list of what’s available, you can head over to Cineplex’s website.

If none of Cineplex’s offers are catching your eye, streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Crave are offering generous free trials that give you access to hundreds of series and movies.

One way or another, there are plenty of ways to find that perfect movie to go with your bowl of popcorn!

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