Christmas definitely came early when Disney+ launched last month and offered hundreds of movies and TV shows we grew up watching. If you're subscribed to the service, you've likely only made a small dent so far in the huge variety of content. But you might have also noticed that not every single film or series by the Disney Channel is available, and the Disney+ missing content is being addressed by some Twitter users. 

The streaming service has hit a few snags including the recent trending hashtag #DisneyPlusFails and an accidental mini-game that exposed a lack of original content. 

You may be wondering how Disney+ could possibly be lacking in content when there are over 500 movies and 7,500 episodes of TV shows. Yet some keen-eyed Twitter users have discovered what's missing. 

Just today, Disney+ announced loads of new content being added this week and a user responded to them writing, "Still missing a lot of stuff tho". 

Another person also had the same thought and tweeted, "Come to think of it, Disney plus is missing a lot of good disney shows!!" 

Others have been very specific in what shows are missing from the streaming service and one of the most talked about is actually Sonny with a Chance.

Perhaps you've also noticed that the very popular Canadian show, Life With Derek, is totally missing too.

This user certainly noticed as they wrote, "Shows Disney+ needs to add: 1. Austin & Ally 2. Life With Derek (I know you all forgot this show was a thing) 3. All the short shows they would play during commercial breaks!!! And last but CERTAINLY not least # 4 THE DISNEY CHANNEL GAMES (yes I went there)".

The very popular sitcom Sister, Sister also isn't on Disney+ yet but one user pointed out that it's actually an ABC original which explains why.

Another person also requesting Sister, Sister mentioned loads of other shows like "The American Dragon Jake Long, Brandy & Mr. whiskers, Dave the Barbarian, and THE PROUD FAMILY".

Let's not forget Zeke and Luther or the iconic spinoff from That's So Raven featuring her little brother, Cory in the House.

This one is actually pretty surprising but House of Mouse is totally missing from Disney+ too.

We don't know yet if the new streaming platform will ever add any of these shows but it is interesting to see how many are missing that we didn't even notice!

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