It's officially been four weeks since Disney+ launched in North America and the Netherlands, and it's quickly picking up speed as people's favourite streaming service. With hundreds of available titles to choose from, the new streaming platform offers something for everyone. It's especially appealing to Millenials who love the opportunity to relive their childhood through hit TV shows and movies. The company is looking good right now because the Disney+ subscriber count could hit 20 million by the end of 2019.

In the past month, tons of news about the service has taken over headlines and people have been chatting away about it on Twitter.

Almost as soon as it launched, we found out that password sharing wouldn't be as easy as we hoped, and last week Twitter users shared their frustrations with a trending hashtag #DisneyPlusFail.

But the cons are balanced pretty well by the positives like how much people love the original content including The Imagineering Story as well as The Mandalorian which quickly became the most streamed series ever

Boy Genius Report recently wrote that "by the end of this month, Disney will have roped in a whopping 20 million subscribers," based on a report by Credit Suisse.

They also said, "the estimate above is actually an increase over the analysts' previous expectation that Disney would have signed up 14.3 million subscribers by year's end."

In fact, Disney+ is doing so well that Netflix is facing a ton of competition combined with unsustainability and prices, and it may lose four million subscribers next year.

Within the first day of the Disney+ launch, they passed 10 million subscribers and 3 million app downloads which were already over the projected numbers. 

The New York Post also reported last month that according to new data, "Disney+ is averaging nearly a million new subscribers a day" and "people are forking over money to use the service rather than just ride the wave of its free trial."

Last month, Disney+ announced on Instagram that they're expanding into the "United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain (and more to be announced soon) starting on March 31st."

It's clear that the streaming platform is well-loved by subscribers and time will tell which service comes out on top, but 2020 is looking bright for Disney+.

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