If you’ve been enjoying Canada’s first-ever season of Family Feud, there could still be an opportunity for you and your loved ones to make an appearance on the show. Family Feud Canada’s casting is still open to the public, and they’re accepting applications for potential future episodes. If you and your family would love to be part of this iconic show, what are you waiting for?

Although Canada’s pilot season of Family Feud is coming to an end this month, a CBC publicist has confirmed to Narcity that applications to be on the show will remain open.

In an emailed statement, CBC explained, “We are in the process of confirming renewals for the upcoming CBC programming season. In the meantime, the application site remains open for submissions.”

"Any families that have already submitted/ plan to submit at [the show's website] are in the running to be cast for any potential future episodes."

Filling in the online form is simple. All families are required to do is upload a 3- to 5-minute video showcasing your personalities.

On their recruitment page, CBC encourages candidates to stand out from the crowd, and “entertain us by showing your energy and enthusiasm!”

Family members are required to be Canadian citizens to apply, and each team must have at least five people to compete.

Should the second season of Family Feud get the go-ahead, successful families could be contacted by CBC. They will then be invited to a formal audition in a nearby city.

Select teams will be given the opportunity to play a mock version of the show against other potential contestants!

If you think you and your tribe have what it takes, you can check out the full application process here.

Since it started airing in Canada back in December, the production has already given Canadians some memorable and iconic moments.

A contestant went viral last month, after confidently answering “Chicken!” to the question: “What’s Popeye’s favourite food?”

While a B.C. dad caught the attention of viewers last week with his hilariously inappropriate answer.

Family Feud also likes to keep things Canadian, asking questions such as “If Canada Post issued a scratch and sniff stamp to commemorate our country, what would it smell like?"

Then getting answers like “Beaver!”

If you and your family think you have what it takes, you can find the relevant forms here.

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