Tonight is a historic night for television. Not only are the Toronto Raptors heading into game three of the Eastern Conference, having lost their first two games, but it's also the series finale of Games Of Thrones after eight seasons and even more years of waiting. Because both events are on tonight, fans are choosing between Game of Thrones and the Raptors, but they aren't really excited about either. 

As previously mentioned the Toronto Raptors are already down two games in this series against the Milwaukee Bucks. While fans are hoping that having home court advantage for the game tonight will help the Raptors to do better, after two very disappointing performances many people have low hopes for tonight's game. Fortunately, Milwaukee needs to win two more games in order to eliminate the Raptors from the playoffs, but that means they are already halfway there. 

As for Game of Thrones, the series has been unbelievably popular ever since it first debuted but this last season has really been a let down for longtime fans. While we won't spoil anything here, many viewers are really not agreeing with how the story has played out. There have also been some production issues this season, like a coffee cup that was left in a scene and very dark lighting.

Apparently, it has gotten to be so bad in this last season that fans have even started a petition demanding that HBO completely remake the final season of the show. The petition has already reached over 1 million signatures and counting. 

Nonetheless fans are still deciding which show or game they should take in tonight, and either way, they say they're prepared for disappointment. 

The Raptor's game gets underway at 7 PM tonight in Toronto while Game of Thrones doesn't start until 9 PM ET tonight, meaning you could probably catch most of the Raptors game before switching over to GoT. 

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