If you’re running low on things to watch, we’ve got good news. I Am Not Okay With This on Netflix is the streaming service’s latest project, and it’s coming to you straight from the creators of Stranger Things and The End of the F***ing World.

Earlier today, Netflix released a brief but hilarious teaser trailer for the new series. Much like the creator’s other shows, as well as other popular originals like Sex Education, the video has a nostalgic 80s vibe to it, making it relatable to a broad range of viewers.

Although the teaser doesn’t give much away about the show’s plot, you can tell from the character’s dynamics that it’s going to be every bit as hilarious and awkward as a teen comedy should be.

According to Cosmopolitan, I Am Not Okay With This is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman.

The synopsis on Google Books reads, “Fifteen-year-old Syd feels totally out of place. She's skinny but not 'hot-skinny', she's dealing with the death of her father in silence, and her best friend (who Syd is really in love with) is dating a homophobic bully. Syd's guidance counsellor gives her a diary in which to vent her frustration, but Syd has another outlet for her anger, one which threatens to overwhelm her entirely.”

The series stars Sophia Lillis (It), Wyatt Oleff (It), Sofia Bryant (The Good Wife), Richard Ellis (Veronica Mars), Kathleen Rose Perkins (The Pact), and Aidan Wojtak-Hissong (The Mission).

Some of the cast members have previously worked together on other projects, so it will be interesting to see how their chemistry plays out in this new series.

Other exciting projects coming to Netflix this month are Locke & Key and To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, both of which were filmed here in Canada.

Seven 30-minute long episodes of I’m Not Okay With This will be available on the streaming service on February 26. You can check out the show’s teaser trailer below.

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