If you've grown up Canadian, the chances of you having seen at least one episode of Degrassi are pretty high. It all started out with The Kids of Degrassi Street, and the most recent take on the series, Degrassi: Next Class, ended after four seasons, leaving viewers up in the air about what could possibly come next. The most recent spin-off has confirmed it won't be returning, but fans everywhere are still wondering - is Degrassi returning for another season?

Because the show has been running for so long, it's become such a huge part of fans' lives, and they can't even begin to imagine life without all the drama and woes of attending Degrassi. Unfortunately for fans, it looks like we may have a concrete answer.

It was announced on Friday, June 7th that DHX media had officially closed the sale on the Degrassi set. It's not known who the building was sold to, or what it will be used for, but this news pretty much confirms that we won't be seeing the inside of the school ever again.

Although it's heartbreaking to hear, fans have been speculating that an end was near for a while now. Back in February, actress Soma Chhaya (who played Goldi Nahir in Degrassi: Next Class) posted a Degrassi Tell All Q&A video to her YouTube channel, and fans were quick to ask her if she had news of a fifth season.

"I personally don't know how this question hasn't been answered for you guys yet, because it's been SO long since season four... I don't think there is a concrete answer to this, but what I do know is that my contract, along with a lot of others on the show, has not been renewed, and it has not been renewed for two and a half years."

The long break after season four basically confirms the news that all fans have been dreading - Degrassi likely won't be returning to TV, at least not with the cast members that we've come to know and love. Fans were quick to share their disappointment on Twitter:

Because no OFFICIAL cancellation has come from the team behind the show, fans are still hopeful that Degrassi will make a comeback in one way or another, but if we're keeping it real, the future of the franchise is looking pretty bleak.

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